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Drill Attachment for Stihl Chainsaw

Drill Attachment for Stihl Chainsaw

Bristol’s Drill when attached to a Chainsaw engine, gives you the possibility to do all kinds of woodwork. Can be used to construct fences, sheds, drilling masts, and heavy or light works.

- High performance, productivity with robustness;

- Equivalent or even higher power when compared to drills with independent motors, since it will be in use with your chainsaw motor;

- Professional drill that allows coupling to chainsaws offering high practicality of use and great performance. 

- Higher power than most professional drills

- Internal wire brushing, Making the bit sharper

- Can perform any type of work on wood

- Can be used in the construction of sheds, Fances, and perforations of poles in electrical networks

- Practical coupling for any model of chainsaw



1 Drill Attachment for Chainsaw

1 1/2'' Wood Drill Bit

1 Chuck and Key

1 Assembly manual

The chainsaw is not included.

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Weight 3.4lb(1.54 kg)
Reduction 5:1
Rotation 2,500RPM





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